What Our Residents and Families Say

One of the best ways to understand our devotion to quality healthcare is to listen to our Residents and families. Warsaw Meadows will be happy to provide you with the names and numbers of Residents and family members you may talk with to discuss our commitment to caring for area seniors.

Below are testimonials from current Residents and families as well as success stories from Residents who were able to return home.

"It's a really nice facility.  I was leery of nursing homes before I went.  They made me feel very comfortable.  They were encouraging."---John N.

"She (mom) gets great care!"---Roberta H.

"The staff is excellent!"---Leslie H.

"My mother is there. She seems to like it.  She is taken care of properly.  It's important that she is treated with respect.  My mom has a lot more health issues than most people there, so she requires more care.  I think they are doing well with that."---Teri S.

"They keep in touch with me.  They take good care of him (son)."---Sue S.

"Most important are here physical an emotional stability.  She (daughter) handles other areas of her life, but she needs help with that.  The Meadows gave that to her."---Ruth F.  

“Dear Friends at Warsaw Meadows, I, as well as our entire family are so grateful for the wonderful, kind care you gave our Robert. Every one of you at Warsaw Meadows has truly blessed our lives. As you cared for Robert, we came to see how each of you shared your own gifts, skills, talents and kindness to him and to us. You gave us so much, and we will treasure that always. In your comforting care, Robert was blessed with the peaceful rest he so needed. May God richly bless each of you” --Connie W. & Family

“I really like the care that my husband gets and everyone on the staff are amazing people. They take a special interest in every patient. Even though I drive an hour one way to see Ricky, I would not have him anywhere else.” --Rebecca W.

“The staff almost all went above what was expected. [They] did a lot of things I didn’t expect, especially Taylor. It’s a good place for rehab. --Patricia H.

“I do all of the time. I'd tell them just that I think that have a great staff. It's an older building, but you couldn't ask for any thing better. It's the staff you put in the building; that's what makes the place...They treated like her family. --Helen's Family.

“I would tell them that the care is great and the nurses and staff are great. Everyone is very helpful. If you have any questions the office people will help you...The atmosphere there is good. Everyone is friendly. ” --Hollis' Family

“I'd tell them that it's a clean place and the service is good. The care of the residents is good.” -- Don's Family

“It's a great place. I couldn't have chosen anywhere better for my father.” -- Javier's Family

“I would tell them that it's a good place now. I'd say things have really changed. They've got an excellent doctor[Dr.Michael Williams] that i'd rate over a five. I would recommend it. ” -- Robert's Family

“It's a really nice place and the staff is very friendly. The nurses are good and seem to be calm. They aren't just employees, they work with the people there. They are close to the people. ” -- Geraldine's Family

“I really like the fun things we do in Activities, they keep us really busy!" Kathy Beard "I enjoyed playing Bingo at the fair. I also enjoyed our trip to the park and seeing all the pretty flowers.” -- Mary Whitling

“I loved when we went to the park and ate chili dogs!” -- Candy Reinhart

“I love my home here at Warsaw Meadows; I get to make beautiful necklaces and help fill the bird feeders everyday. Everyone is very kind to me here.” -- Susan Aderman

“I enjoy Bible Study each week and playing Bingo outside in the courtyard. The helpers are all good to me, I appreciate them.” -- Mary Whitling

“The staff is always patient with me, which is important to me. I really enjoy helping to make the Bingo prizes each week with my friends.” -- Helen Shafer

“When my TV broke last month one of the girls took me to Wal-Mart so I could pick out a new one. I really enjoyed going to the store.” --  Kenny Washburn